Additional Information


Craig Beach Village leadership is proud to serve the residents of our Village. 

Craig Beach Council Meetings are the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7pm at Village Hall on 2538 Grandview Road.


Dave Spencer
1619 Manchester Street        330-502-6384 

Fiscal Officer:
Charlotte Ash                

1662 Warchester 



Council President:          

James R. Becker           1894 Craig Drive                   330-654-2491

Mr. Becker is Chair, Public Works & Streets 


Council Members:          
Linda Bryant                  17563 Denver Drive              330-654-3541

Ms. Bryant is Chair, Finance Committee

Wanda Sabol                                                               330-654-3490

Ms. Sabol is Chair, Health and Welfare

Jamie Becker                 1894 Craig Drive                  330-565-5995

Mr. Becker is Chair, Judicial Committee

Cynthia Hale                 17735 Olive Avenue              330-207-0974

Ms. Hale is Chair, Public Safety

Larry Ellis                                                                    330-307-6700
Mr. Ellis is Chair, Building and Grounds


Attorney Pat Kelly, Esq.                                               330-233-7200